JM: So what's next for Hippy Fiasco?
Chad: We want to get some pretty interesting and pretty appropriate corporate sponsorship‚ hopefully.
Nathan: And it's quite possible we'll never do it again.
JM: Describe the transformation from the original concept of "Hippy Fiasco" to what it's become?
Nathan: For me‚ it would be hard to answer that question without delving pretty deep‚ because I've been feeling lately like the people who have really dug my music‚ they sort of sense the kind of communication I'm looking for‚ and they've been looking for the same kind of communication. And when this happened‚ when I got handed a big lemon‚ and I decided to make lemonade out of it‚ and everyone is like‚ "Yeah! I just got handed a big fucking lemon too."
There was something about meeting halfway that really generated the most exciting tour I've ever done in my life as a solo performer. I've been traveling around playing bars and nightclubs and opening gigs as a solo performer‚ and a lot of it is sort rudimentary. It's nice‚ but I don't quite get it because when I got into it in the first place‚ I just wanted to be part of something bigger than me‚ and I wanted to be awesome at it.
But for the past couple of years‚ it was sort of like being a part of me‚ or like I was the end. It was not doing it for me. I don't want to be the end. I'm not the end‚ and that's what is so beautiful to me about what Hippy Fiasco has meant to me‚ and how others have responded to it‚ it's something just a little bigger than us that we share‚ and that's way more fun than any of the other things I've ever done.