Chad: The true essence of something creepy is your perception on it.
JM: Apply the same philosophy to the word "Fiasco."
Nathan: Not according to plan. The part of the fiasco is that you had this "vision" that it was going to go this one way‚ but it went a completely different way‚ and so it's a "fiasco." That's what I love. And we've started to set ourselves up by not having the expectation‚ so in the first place‚ we just want to go straight to the fiasco. Because we all know what the expectations are. It's just another day‚ but we headed straight to the fiasco in all that.
JM: So what were your expectations with the Mystic Garden Festival?
Nathan: Well‚ when I came out‚ it was just to play this one festival and get paid a lot of money and get on a plane and go back home.
JM: And that didn't happen.
Nathan: That didn't happen.
JM: Can you remember the moment when you were like‚ "Oh shit‚ I'm not doing what I expected…"
Nathan: At a certain point‚ we were about two hours into a three-hour drive‚ and I was like‚ "I should just cancel that return flight‚ and we should book a little run‚" and Chad said‚ "Man‚ I was thinking the exact same thing." It was a kismet moment. So we went into the festival already sort of preparing ourselves. We started talking about Hippy Fiasco the moment we walked in.
Chad: It sounds kind of funny‚ but we kind of hoped that it actually would collapse‚ because then it would create.
Nathan: It's true. There was a certain point when I thought‚ "Oh‚ fuck. What if I do get paid?"
Chad: Yeah‚ we actually had that discussion. Is it going to kibosh this whole vision that we've come up with?
Nathan: We really wanted to tell this story right now‚ for some reason or another. We wanted this to happen. We willed it to happen. We talked it to happen.
Chad: Yeah‚ we literally sat for hours and hours and hours talking and talking and talking until it happened.
JM: How does this compare to how your other shows are booked?
Nathan: I just show up.
Chad: The involvement is an interesting thing. We've definitely put a lot of time into this‚ and the creation and formation and thought and vision of the whole thing. A lot of it has been in the hands of the people though. I mean that's kind of the concept. With a couple exceptions‚ we never really went for a venue per say. We did go after the Connecticut Yankee‚ because they're our dear friends.
Nathan: We wanted an anchor… but the rest was really just putting it on Facebook and saying‚ "We have a Hippy Fiasco on our hands. Who wants it?"
JM: That's how I randomly found out about your show.
Chad: It wasn't randomly. It was fate.
Nathan: Our fate is fiasco.
Chad: The whole thing has really brought people together. We've met people that we didn't know‚ and have turned out to be amazing‚ and everyone along the way has taken really good care of us‚ considering we didn't have anything set up‚ you know? I mean‚ yeah we know people in cities and stuff‚ but it's really the people…