There are a couple of things I would still like to do with moe. that I feel we still haven't done probably. I would really like to make a proper acoustic album with moe. I think it's something we could do really well. And on the other hand, I still feel like we haven't made our ultimate studio album. I want to make our Sgt. Peppers or Dark Side of the Moon sort of album, you know? Or OK Computer [laughter]. Whichever one it ends up being, I still feel like we need to make that album where we spend a year working on a studio album and really not thinking about picking some element of our live show or songs or whatever and bringing them into the studio, but like really just creating a work of art in the studio together. And I think that those are two things I really want to do with moe.
Actually there's a third one, too, I really want to make a children's album with moe. I think it's something we could do really well. We all have families, and we have a pretty good sense of humor at this point, so I think we could make a great children's album that would be something that everybody could listen to. Kind of like the They Might Be Giants children's album and the one that Jerry Garcia made with David Grisman -- just sort of enjoyable for everybody to listen to even if you weren't a kid, but I think that we could make a good kid's album.
Yeah, I think so, too. I gave my nephew the Garcia Grisman album and he really loved it, and I'm like, 'Great!" And then the Medeski, Martin and Wood children's album, which I don't think my sister really cared for because he played it to death, but I was like, "That's really good that he's bouncing off the walls to Medeski, Martin and Wood." I thought your holiday album [Season's Greetings From moe. was tight. That comes out in rotation once a year.
Yeah, we still talk about making another one of those, too, which could happen. It probably should. I mean, that one we made so quickly and we made mostly while we were on tour. l feel like we could make another one very easily.
So, after 10 moe.downs at Snow Ridge in Turin, NY, moe.down is going to have a new location this year. Change is good, right?
Yeah, let's hope so. I mean, the site looks awesome. The owners of the new site are really, really, really green. In a good way. I mean they are really environmentally friendly.
I think they have their hearts and minds in the right place and the site looks great. And it's gonna be a lot more convenient for everybody because it's not going to be an hour off the thruway like the old site was. This is just off of the thruway, so it's much closer to just about everybody. I think it's going to actually end up being a good thing in the end.