Ryne: I've been talking to some buddies about starting a "party band," whatever that might be. Our definition of "party" might be very different than other people's definition. It's just an idea that we've been kicking around. I'm just at a point where I need to step away from my project and need to get into a democratic situation…just have fun with other people and not have it be like this project that I can get across that is my life's worth. And that's why I thought of "party band" because it's just for the total intent of fun.
Ray: And which now theoretically consists of the Zia 7" all tour showcase.
JM: Ray, PRISM Index is sort of promoting an upcoming Hank Williams cover album. How's your new music coming?
Ray: I was on tour with Michael Gira with Swans and Angels of Light, and I was sound checking Hank Williams songs some nights. [Gira] sort of dared me to do a record of it. It's done, but I'm just in no hurry to get it out. When it feels right to do it, I'll do it, but fuck it. It's good to have things in your back pocket.
I'm doing the next album of originals next month, which is exciting for me because you get that feeling when you have the songs, and you know how they go, but they're not in the world yet. It's like being pregnant, right? But I've never been pregnant.

Ohioan "Mouth of the Canyon" from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.